Friday, August 8, 2014

this is really a sad song

   I think you have seen it, above it is breaking news, be inferior to saying is April Fool's day more convincing.
   In 2014 the NBA layout is bound to happen in summer, major suit players out of the contract, a batch of be overweeningly ambitious and talented newcomers into the union, and since warlords, fight for territory in ancient Central China. The Losangeles Lakers holding a lot of salary space, seems to have decided to do something big.
   But even in the best case, the above write things come true one by one, we think the Lakers Is it right? On the championship has the largest grasp?
Apparently, not so.
   As Farmar said: I don't know who taught me next season, I do not know what is his name. They (the Clippers) say that like me, and the Lakers did not promise to me, oh, this is really a sad song.
   Then, the Lakers two crown is old, this with emotion raise or enlarge an army in the Lakers last season when young people to vote again, took a year is not a high salary, having high optical performance of 30+, finally also is only a 2 year 4000000 of the contract to the neighbor clippers. This price is not high, I mean, the Lakers completely give up.

hope to be able to join the Lakers championship

   Beijing time on July 8th, Carmelo Anthony officially announced to join the Lakers, the contract for 4 years 96000000. The Lakers star Kirby Bryant for the first time on twitter expressed congratulations.
   "It's so exciting." Anthony said in an interview, "I came to a great team, there is a long tradition of champion. There is more than a future Hall of Famer players in our team, the management will spare no effort to improve our level of competition. I'm looking forward to our next season."
   It is reported, the signing of Anthony, and the team veteran Paul - Gasol renewal. At the same time, many players including Luol Deng, Greg - Monroe, Danny - Grainger, Paul - Pearce, Eric - drew Bledsoe, said, hope to be able to join the Lakers championship, some people even take big pay cuts.
   "I'm in this league year many," an unnamed free agent said, "at this stage, I want some more than money, honor, I am willing to struggle for the goal now"
According to another report, San Antonio Ginobili and Mills, the thunder team Ibaka because of injury reasons, is likely to miss the 14-15 regular season game game a few months, the recovery remains to be seen. The thunder and the Spurs team management in order to ensure the regular season record, is considering Duncan + Parke + Leonard trading the king's Isiah - Thomas and Jason - Terry (team reserve guard strength) and Durant and Johnny package 76 rookie center lorons Knoll (make up yibaka misses the insider vacancy).

will never forget all this Lebron 4 years for us to bring

   The heat also want to keep James, pat Riley personally flew to Las Vegas on Wednesday, hoping to persuade James to stay in the team. But in the end, James of Riley and they said no, back to the knight, returned to the team that drafted him in 2003, and his hometown team.
   Earlier reports had said, the reason why James has not been determined to return to knight, the team owner Dan Gilbert in the letter to his letter written in 2010, is one of the reasons why. In that letter, Gilbert accused James of quitting is "cowardly act".But James said: "Dan and I met, we conducted exchanges on a. We all talked out. 
   Everyone makes mistakes, and I am no exception."The decision for a few minutes in James's, Gilbert also pushed wrote: "welcome King James home. I for the Cleveland and Ohio fans and citizens. There is no other place, more than they deserved to win......"
    And in stark contrast to Gilbert's light up with pleasure, is heat owner Micky Allison, he is not late push expressed disappointment, he wrote: "I was shocked and disappointed for today's news. However, I will never forget all this Lebron 4 years for us to bring. Thanks to King James for we have such memories."
In the knight James for 7 seasons, field can get 27.8 points and 7.2 rebounds, 6.9 assists, and led the team to the finals in 2007. Now, James's goal, is to the all star point guard Kelly Erwin and 2014 champion show Andrew - Dwiggins knight, rate of return to the finals.

this is big turn to him in the 2010 decision

   Sina sports news Beijing standard time on July 12th, according to ESPN reports, Lebron - James finally decided to return to the Cleveland knights, 4 regular season MVP returned to the first team effectiveness is his career, his hometown team. Persisting for a long time "where's James" drama ended.
   Local time Friday, James told the "Sports Illustrated" he will return to knight. "My feelings for northeast Ohio, than to the basketball feelings," he said in this article by James, the first person to write the article, "4 years ago I had failed to realize this point, now aware of."
   For James, this is big turn to him in the 2010 decision. He left the knights to heat [micro-blog] at that time, and Dwayne - Wade, Chris - Bosh micro-blog] [] [micro-blog composed of three giant, won 2 times in 4 years.
   "The most difficult than abandon me and the players up feelings," said James, "I and some of them talk, will and other. What we have done is what also can't change."